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Lot Clearing in Bristow,
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Whether it’s cottonwood, elm, pines or any other medium to large trees our crews handle it all. We can clear a path or prepare an entire lot for construction. Lot clearing in Bristow, VA, is removing the brush and small trees from fields and lots. A variety of options are available for clearing your land.

Tree Care Services, Inc., clears land using brush-whackers, chainsaws, pole-saws, and weed-eaters. All cleaned after every use. This green method is less destructive to the environment and prevents the spread of fungi’s, and other problematic diseases. We usually no not recommend the old school scrape and push methods with skid steers or bull dozer’s due to the destructive nature, but we recommend these methods for land needing leveled for construction.

We also offer to clean up and clear fence lines of grass, weeds, brush, and small tree’s. Also we can trim up the undergrowth of over grown trees. Fence lines should be taken care of twice a year or as needed. Grass and weeds can reduce the life of your fence by half, clearing up the fence line will ensure you get the full value and life out of your fence!

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